Frequently asked questions


1. How sun-proof is the color of the product?

Over the years color can fade slightly, however it does not influence the general impression of Greenwall. 

2. How much soil is needed to fill up a pot?

Each pot requires around 7- 8 kilograms of soil to be filled up appropriately. 

3. What kind of greens should be planted?

Our suggestions for planting:

Flowering balcony plants: running geranium, running petunia, bacopa, bidens, ipomea, lobularia, impatiens

Herbs: oregano, marjoram, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, sage and minth types, parsley, thyme

Kitchen garden: balcony tomato, balcony paprika, romaine lettuce, loose-leaf lettuce, mangold, running strawberry

Deciduous perennials: campsis radicans, lonicera, clematis, hydrangea petiolaris, dasiphora fruticosa, hosta, heuchera micrantha, iberis types, phlox subulata

Evergreen perennials: vinca types, euonymus fortunei, hedera types, erica carnea

4. From what kind of material are the elements made of?

Pots are made from high-strength ABS, geotextile is from polypropylene, the base profiles and water collecting trays are from polystyrene.

5. Are the products available in different colors?

Basically we are dealing with our 3 base colors: terracotta, deep green and steel-gray, however in case of an order of higher amount we are able to set unique colors in the production. 

6. Where is it recommended to be installed, rather outside or inside?

Our products can be installed either inside or outside, however selecting the adequate plants adjusted to the circumstances is very important in both cases. 

7. What is the reason for producing the pots in that size?

Size of pots was chosen to support the roots of perennial plants to withstand freeze thereby ensuring their overwintering. 

8. What type of wall is adequate for Greenwall to be mounted upon?

It can be fixed upon directly on brick, concrete or isolated walls, or even on steel and aluminium constructs. 

9. How much do the units weigh?

A pot fulfilled with watered soil and plant weighs around 12 - 13 kilograms 

10. Is it a Hungarian product?

Yes, the system was developed by our fully Hungarian-owned company with ongoing production.  

11. What is the validity term of the warranty?

We take 1 year warranty what is responsible for damages only occuring while correct usage. It can be validated by presenting the original receipt.

We can not take responsibility for damages and accidents resulting from incorrect installation without the specified, enclosed fixing retainers and the help of a specialist. 

12. Is the product UV-stable?

We apply appropriate UVstabilizating additives while production, therefore the parts have an efficient resistance against UV radiation. 

13. Do the pots stand if the humid soil freezes inside?

The material of the pots is sufficiently strong to withstand tough weather conditions such as freezing, among others. 

14. What happens with the excess water?

Excess trickling water leaves the pots throughout a geotextile layer, preventing the roots of the plants from rotting. The leaving water does not contact with the external wall of the building, it trickles down to the water collecting tray between the base profile and the pots. 

15. Does Greenwall have an original frame system?

Greenwall is a complete system what only needs to be fixed upon a wall what serves as a frame. However it is possible to build an individual frame structure upon the wall facilitating the mobility of the entire section of the Greenwall.