New dimension of gardens


Our designers were inspired by the desire to create oasises within our cities, in the spirit of sustainable architecture combining the scenic view of nature and the advantages of civilisation.

Setting-up vertical ornamental or flower gardens on the frontages of public buildings, shopping centers, garages or balconies increases the green areas of our environment.

In case of limited space, gardens can be created vertically instead of a horizontal layout.

Arbitrary size of vertical area can be covered by Greenwall.

A wall made of plants improves air quality and has a significant effect of shielding, noise- and thermal isolating.

Besides of energy-saving, Greenwall protects frontages of buildings from environmental impacts.

Modular, wall-mounted extendable structure.

Watering and nutritioning can be automated by a self-operating drip-system. 

Elements of the modular, wall-mounted, extendable structure: ribbed rear wall as a base profile including the plant pots fitted within, fixing and closing components and a collecting tray for the excess trickling water.

Ribs of the rear wall play reinforcing and spacing role as well. The resulting airgap between Greenwall and the external building regulates thermal conditions and also ensures natural ventilation. 

The base profile allows the improvement of the building’s thermal isolation: it can be combined with any of the currently available isolating materials (glass and rock wool, styrofoam, pur, etc.). 

Greenwall can be installed easily. If required our builder and gardener specialists are available at Your support, whether it would be on-site survey, guidance or implementation.