Installation Manual

1. Select an optimal location and prepare the base elements and further components.

2. Screw the water collecting tray upon the wall, what serves as a lateral support. We recommend to highly pay attention at this step in order to fix up the tray exactly horizontally as it functions as a base of the entire structure.

3. Place the base profile vertically on the wall and aligning to the pre-formed marks (holes) drill the wall. In case of insulated walls cut the spacers to size and place them into the holes of the wall accompanied with the dowels.

4. Screwing up the base profiles: fix the profiles interlacing vertically, one after the other, in line. In order to assure secure holding only use the permitted fixing components provided by the manufacturer, that come with the product. With the help of these fixers screw the profiles upon the wall throughout all of the holes. If there is an insulating layer on the external wall, be sure that screws are fixed behind the insulaton panels, in the wall. For ensuring appropriate ventilation it is necessary to leave a 2 cm wide gap between the upper plain of the water collecting tray and the lower edge of the base profile. The pots should be led in the tracks of the profiles from top to bottom.

5. Planting the greens: After filling up the pots with black mould planting can be started. In order to choose the adequate plant and soil type we recommend to consult with a gardener specialist.



Security instructions:


It is strictly forbidden to climb up on Greenwall!
It is necessary to insure that Greenwall and its content not to harm anything or anyone.
The redundant product must not be handled as municipal waste. Recycling of the product can only be ensured by deposing at plastic wasteyards or by returning to manufacturer.



During usage please note that as well as all gardens, Greenwall needs regular care also. In order to evolve a Greenwall as rich as possible we recommend to consult with a gardener specialist. In case of Greenwalls mounted at great heights we suggest to install automated watering and nutritioning system to sustain a healthy vegetation.




We take 1 year warranty what is responsible for damages only occuring while correct usage. Warranty can be validated by presenting the original receipt.

We can not take responsibility for damages and accidents resulting from incorrect installation without using the specified, enclosed fixing retainers and the help of a specialist.

Warranty period of plastic components covers 10 years.