Pot: The base unit of our modular structured product range. It comes fitted within a fixable rear wall profile.

Flower-stand: Suitable for lining sidewalks or footpaths. Depending on its height multiple pots can be fixed even on both sides. It can be completed with an advertising space.

Greenwall: The wall-mounted assembly of arbitrary number of pots fitted within the base profiles.

Greentower: A self-contained unit composed of pots mounted in a skeleton frame with individual watertank and pump. It can be equipped with a solar energy utilizing artificial drip system automated by a time switcher.

Associated products: Constructs of our products can be accompanied with the following watering systems:

Flood watering: The pots were designed to enable the water flowing downwards from the top to passage throughout each pot. Excess trickling water at the bottom is led back through a collecting tray into the watertank, to be used continuously. In Greentowers an automated pump can be applied to push up the water to the top.

Drip-system: Each pot is watered at the same time through a fixed irrigation pipe-system. Watering can be adjusted precisely in this manner.

Corner pots:

For filling in the corners of Greentower, the stand mounted-concept of Greenwall. Equipping the structure with corner pots results a more coherent plant surface.

Compost containers:


Our compost containers offer a long-term solution for utilizing the compostable waste to produce valauable compost for your plants. The containers are made from recycled raw material and can be ordered in 3 different sizes as required:


330-liters version, made-up from 6 side- and 2 lid elements.

660-liters version, made-up from 12 side- and 2 lid elements.

660-liters version, made-up from 18 side- and 2 lid elements.





330 liters

660 liters

990 liters


56 cm

106 cm

156 cm


106 cm

106 cm

106 cm


15,35 kg

25,85 kg

36,35 kg


Containers are delivered flat-packed, with the connecting elements enclosed. Assembly does not require any equipment.


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Plastic pavings:


Hexagonal shaped heavy duty pavings to cover any type of ground for temporary or permanent outdoor events, parking areas or industrial facilites. Depending on bearing capacity the variants are suitable for marquees, stages, exhibitions, walkways, riding-halls, or even truck parkings.



      -   Elements can be settled quickly and easily on any type of ground without special preparation,

      -    unpaving or displacement of the elements also does not require any special equipment,

      -    it can be cleaned easily,

      -    load-bearing, coherent structure,

      -    with roughened surface.


Paving elements are available in 3 different sizes:


Plastic pavings






4 cm

3,5 cm

5 cm


40,4 cm

36,3 cm

14,6 cm


1,9 kg

0,9 kg

0,24 kg






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Seedling trays:

Seedling trays of the same dimension with two different layouts.



Seedling trays


66 pots layout

104 pots layout


4 cm

4 cm


28 cm

28 cm


50 cm

50 cm

Nr of pots:



Size of pots:

3,7x3,7x4 cm

2,9x2,9x4 cm


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Plastic cans:


Plastic cans with a capacity of 5 and 24 liters. Caps and seals are available for both sizes. 5 liter cans are available in stackable and non-stackable design. For easy outpouring nose is ensured.


Can’s raw material: HDPE

Cap’s raw material: PP


5 liter stackable cans: 224 pieces / palette.

5 liter non-stackable cans: 252 pieces / palette.

24 liter stackable plastic: 48 pieces / palette.

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